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Newid Recording Studios
CD Duplication and Graphics/ printing
CD Sales artist- Mark Lowe, CHORD CHARTS and SONG LYRICS
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Antioch Church Creative Community
Digital Mastering

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Celtic Music Resources- Wales
(cd duplication, recording studios, cd sales of artist Mark Lowe, antioch church creative community)

RECORDING/ REHEARSAL STUDIOS: Sponsored by Antioch Church, European Funding and Strategic Development Fund.
This community facility was developed three years ago to service the needs of the growing amount of young bands in the area.

The studio is used by people from all over South Wales and by many from England also.

The cost is kept to a minimum to put the facilities within reach of the average pocket. We also have a radical approach to empowering artists by including an appropriate amount of training so that artists leave the studio equiped with the full knowledge of how go into a recording studio anwhere with confidence.

We also specialise in live recording both on site and in the studio, music has become so sterile and bland, we help artists capture the 'spirit' of a live performance.

Newid Recording Studios uses 16 track ADAT digital recording for live work linked to an Apple Mac ibook through the MOTU firewire interface making it possible to digital record up to 32 audio channels and 64 midi.

CD DUPLICATION: Short run full colour production at affordable rates.
Many bands can only afford or only have a market for short runs. Many start at 50 units and then see how it goes- they sell them at gigs and make enough to get another run.

The problem is that most duplication firms deal in large quanities which then brings the unit price down, the outlay however is still too much.

Some try to produce their own CDR's but the quality is poor. Others want proffessional looking demo's but the cost is prohibitive.

Newid Recording Studios CD Duplication caters for this market, high quality on-body colour printing plus full colour glossy inserts at a reasonable price. Check it out- press the picture to the right to go to main menu and access CDR duplication details and prices.

For complete menue of all that Newid Studios has to offer click on scenic picture at the top of the page.

We always search at www.cbd-search.com 87425

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