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Many local bands record and rehearse at Newid Studios- jump to their sites to view and download demos.

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Axlanbay A band to watch out for- frequently rehearse in Newid Studios- recorded their first demo here and have availed themselves of our affordable cd duplication service.
Logo magazine:
The arrival of a band that cite Red Hot Chili Peppers, System Of A Down and Faith No More as key influences is guaranteed to prompt much gnashing of teeth and a reluctance to lend an ear to their output. Thankfully, I was forced to play this demo from Swansea's Axlanbay, and it took precisely twelve seconds to realise that preconceptions are misconceptions, and that although they sound exactly like a hybrid of those influences is supposed to sound, it proved an intriguing brew. Faith No More appear in their ascending/descending rock dynamic and vocal stylings, The Chili Peppers in their understated stop-start funk and John Frusciante styled guitars, and System Of A Down in their crunching vitriol and stadium sized atmospherics. Part of this is undoubtedly due to the production input of Dan Swift, fresh from work with Nickelback and Ikara Colt. That they can attract his services speaks volumes for their potential, and is a recommendation in itself.

Flood Yet another local band which rehearses in Newid Studios,we have duplicated hundreds of cd's for them- check out their website for info on this "solid" group who keep on going for it! peoplesound review:
Rootsy, bluesy acoustic rock with a foot distinctly in both the past and present. The acoustic strums and leads evoke the more esoteric moments of Led Zep, while the pop structures and strong vocals recall a funkless Chili Peppers.

The Long Awaited The Long awaited made their first appearence this year on the 14th January at Teen Spirit 2, Escape in Swansea.The Long Awaited has begun a new chapter...over 2002, the band has had a memorable year. They have only made public appearences via gigs only three times. The first at Pontyberem hall which had mixed reception off several people. The second at the St.John Lloyd summer concert, which was well recieved, and the third was in Ferryside, where they played a very short but seemingly successful set. For the rest of that year they pretty much stayed in hiding practicing as often as possible and recording a three track demo C.D.
Yet another band which rehearses in Newid Studios- check out their site.

21against Long time users of Newid Studios, 21 against are a 4-piece pop-punk/rock band from Wales. These guys are an interesting mix of characters... their sound is tight, their songs are catchy, you can sing to the choruses and they jump, spin and twist all over the stage. These guys are exciting and with an enthusiastic crowd are a lot of fun to watch. They sprinkle some of their songs with unexpected features such as slide guitar solos or a violin-like ending guitar melody, all of which is creative and original.One of the best bands around- check them out yet another band that we have produced hundreds of short runs of cd's.
Westgate Street "I would urge the world and his wife to get there and listen to them" bbc
One of the first bands to record at Newid Studios and avail themselves of our CD Duplication service. This band stand out as unique amongst the band scene in South Wales and Ireland- great website as well.

Julia Harris As well as being a part of westgate street Julia Harris is very much a singer-songwriter in her own right. in fact she has just started to branch out from the band to follow her dreams as a songwriter. melodically infectious and a wonderful talent, for sure this young lady will go a long way. Julia is a good friend of ours- a rare talent.
The Phasers

Check these guys Welsh spacerock band "The Phasers".make noisy, spacey tunes with no commercial appeal whatsoever.